"At first, one thought Mary's sweetness would be quickly crushed by the toxicity of environmental fights in the West. Mary proved them wrong. She fought for the land she loved, but did not sacrifice her lightness or her optimism to the cause. She graced her friends and the land she cherished with her gifts. She was, above all, the sweetest person I have ever met." Jennifer Mckee, Billings, MT, Gazette "My staff and I worked closely with Mary and had great respect for her and the work she was doing. She had made a terrific impact in New Mexico and will be deeply missed." Senator Jeff Bingaman, NM "I want to say how honored I was to work with Mary on environmental issues in New Mexico. Mary was way beyond her years; her contributions were worthy of a lifetime. We will miss her and think of her often." Ben Luce, Director, Citizens for Clean, Affordable Energy, NM