On October 6, 2004, Mary's friends and former professors from UND set aside a day to tell Mary's story, and learn from her legacy. Multiple events were scheduled throughout the day for family, friends, and the university community. Events included a visual installation commemorating Mary's life, by UND student, Candace Anderson; two presentations by Howard Boggess, Crow tribal member and historian, regarding the rock paintings and ancient stories of the Valley of the Chiefs; an interactive discussion regarding Mary's legacy; and, a memorial celebration at the Soaring Eagle Prairie, which included planting native wildflower seeds for bloom the following Spring. Additionally, Native American students and drummers performed an ancient ceremonial song in honor of Mary's life. This day was made possible due to the tireless efforts, vision, and action taken by the UND Mary Wiper Day organizers, which include Glinda Crawford, Sandra Donaldson, Jeanne Anderegg, Candace Anderson, Danica Chaput, and Rachel Hextell. Mary's family and friends are forever grateful for their resounding ability to organize a day that reflected her life, love of others, and this earth. The following day, Mary's family and friends traveled to Billings, Montana. From Billings, the group gathered in a remote area of Montana known as Weatherman Draw, or the Valley of the Chiefs. Howard Boggess led the group on a day hike through the area, pointing out the cultural and spiritual significance of this sacred and rugged valley. The day provided an opportunity for family and friends to reflect on Mary's life and her contribution to preserving this ancient land. Mary's family and friends would like to thank Howard and Sandy Boggess for providing the group with this amazing opportunity.